Banco de Portugal organized a workshop on “Adjustment in European Economies in the Wake of the Economic Crisis” last 16th January 2015.

This Workshop encouraged reflection on the challenges facing Europe in terms of its institutional framework to deal with the transition process, adjustment and reform in the near future.

Communications were on the following areas:

  1. Growth and Innovation;
  2. Competitiveness;
  3. Governance and Federalism;
  4. Labour Market and social dimension;
  5. Fiscal Policy;
  6. Regulation and Markets.

The Scientific Committee for this Workshop was composed by Álvaro Aguiar (Universidade do Porto), Francesco Caselli (London School of Economics), Mário Centeno (Banco de Portugal and ISEG- Universidade de Lisboa), Isabel Horta Correia (Banco de Portugal and Universidade Católica Portuguesa), José Tavares (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and Francisco Veiga (Universidade do Minho).

Scientific papers presented at the workshop:

 "Financial Heterogeneity and Monetary Union", Jae Sim (pdf, 601 Kb) 

 "The ECB’s OMTs: a tale of governments and investors, constitutional judges and the central bank", José Jorge (pdf, 739 Kb) 

 "Fiscal Multipliers and Wealth Heterogeneity in the 21st century", Pedro Brinca (pdf, 304 Kb) 

 "Economic Growth and the High Skilled: the Role of Scale Eects and of Barriers to Entry into the High Tech", Pedro Gil (pdf, 808 Kb) 

 "Convergence and growth. Labour productivity dynamics in the European Union", Roberto Martino (pdf, 3957 Kb) 

 "Government spending and fiscal policy stabilizing rules", Teresa Lloyd-Braga (pdf, 324 Kb)